Let’s Make Your Dreams Come True! Easy Steps To Design Your Home

How to design your home

How to design your home.

Does your home not give you a good vibe? Has it been 10 years since the last time you decorated it? Tired of your dull interior? Wanting to renovate your place but don't know where to start or scared to even think of the possible expenses? Don't worry! I got your back, girlfriend! We will make your ideas come to life!

I will not discuss a specific theme on this article (although I'm planning to make future posts about it). What I'm focusing on instead are the major milestones that you have to go through in order to make your home lively again! As a Project Manager for almost 5 years, my role was to ensure that projects are successfully done by doing the right steps. Here, I designed an outline that you could easily follow to make your dream home come to life!

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Easy Steps To Design Your Home:

1. Check your budget. This should be the foundation when redecorating your place. This factor is what will tell you how far you can go, so it is important that you establish first the maximum amount that you can spend. The major mistake of people is that they randomly buy things for their home even if it's outside their budget which leaves them in debt. Rule number 1: Do not go in debt just to redecorate your home. You hear me? I would rather sleep in an old house than be awake all night thinking how I could pay my credit card!

2. Choose a theme. This is a common mistake because a lot of people don't really choose a theme. They go to the mall, they saw something nice, they buy it! In the end, they will have a rustic-looking couch, modern vase, and a bohemian coffee table --- each item looks good on its own, but if you mix it altogether, it will look just like the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Decide on a theme within your budget and be consistent with it! Do not choose an elegant and luxurious theme when you only have a couple of hundreds to do it. Be realistic, girl! Trust me, there is something nice that will fit your wallet! If you are married or living with a partner, make sure to ask them in collaborating with you to ensure that both of you would love it.

3. Find inspo. Take advantage of social media to find inspirations on the theme that you selected. Use Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Youtube. Follow the pages related to this and you will surely find great ideas that won't break the bank!  You can also use mobile apps such as Houzz or Home Design 3D to play with interior designs. Finding ideas keep you within the budget and give you more options!

4. Create a timeline. Renovating the whole house can take a lot of time. So look back on your budget --- Is it big enough for you to pay someone and rebuild everything at once while you rent out another place? Or can you only buy a couch today? Don't worry, either way is okay! We will use the "Phasing" technique. If you do not have enough money to redesign everything at once, then focus in just one area of your house first. Once you're done, save again then work on the next part of the house. Keep repeating this until you're finished. Who cares if it takes you a year to do everything? The end result is what matters! Here is an easier way to further understand this:

  • Phase 1:¬†Work only within your budget and focus in one area of the house. Keep working on it until it's done
  • Set a goal and timeline to see how soon you can save for the next part of the house
  • Phase 2. Start the next project as soon as you have ample savings
  • Repeat the above process until you're done.

5. Reasearch. Once you have collected ideas and set the budget and timeline, we will now move on with doing a ton of research! If you are hiring someone or a company to do it, research a lot about that company, their reviews and pricing. Find different stores where you can buy the things that you need whether it's for construction or furnitures. Make a list of comparison. Consider free delivery, promotions and speed. Also, don't forget to research on topics specifically related to your theme (example: "Do's and Dont's On A Modern House" or "Common Mistakes In Redecorating Your Home"). Learn from other people's mistakes so you won't be wasting your hard-earned money.

6. Consider shopping online. Try this specially if you live in a place like Timbukto. Doing this will not limit you from the mom and pop shop within your town where they only sell one piece of every furniture. Amazon and eBay for example have huge selections on all price range, and offers free shipping on certain items. This will not just save you bucks but will also save your time from going to an actaul store to pickup your items.

Alright, bestie! I have just provided you the right steps for you to have a lovely home! And oh, here's a bonus! In choosing decorations and furniture, considering buying those with multiple functionality like a center table with a storage underneath it. This will not just save you space but also your money! I hope you learned from it and let me know in the comments if you have suggestions!

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21 thoughts on “Let’s Make Your Dreams Come True! Easy Steps To Design Your Home

  1. I can’t wait to be able to buy my own house and then decorate it as I want to. When you are on a budget a planning list is essential when you want a particular design in your home.

  2. I never thought there were people who had troubles designing their homes. I mean, it’s an issue of knowing yourself in the end, as the place you live in is a reflection of that. But anyway, it’s good to have a post like yours to fall back on when you’re out of ideas.

  3. Thank you for these wonderful tips. I have found that having a pre-planned budget and knowing what you want in particular helps a lot. Sending to my aunt, who is renovating her home.

  4. Great post with good advice. I do like the online shopping, it seems to work out better as i have more time to do my research & I get to read other people’s reviews as well..

    1. It definitely helps! You will have ore options for your budget, and can also make comparisons and read reviews! Plus the free shipping is definitely a must!

  5. lovely post !! Mostly i follow so many pages on Instagram for home decor !! now I pinned your post to get more ideas!!
    Thanks for sharing

  6. I did all of this with my new room and since I’m moving into my own apartment, I’ll still use them again. I love being organized in anything I do, so having a structure such as this to work with can be very exciting for me.

  7. Im the process of decorating the house. This will be pinned for my friends as well as to where I gathered tips. Glad i read this post

  8. I believe choosing a theme before hand is necessary..and I plan to do just that on my next project.

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