10 Fun Hobbies To Do At Home!

Fun Hobbies To Do At HOme

Hobbies that you can do at home.

Are you an introvert who is feeling lazy to go out? Or maybe an at-home mom who can't leave her little angels? Or super busy that you don't have time to get out of the house? If you are any of these and feel like your daily life is so boring, dotcha worry! Here, I have listed some fun hobbies that you can do at home!

Fun hobbies to do at home:

1. Cooking and baking. I know, girl! This is pretty basic and you probably have heard it a thousand times already! The thing is, you kept hearing it but never tried it! I feel you, it is way easier to just pickup your food through a drive-thru, or make a few clicks on your phone for your dinner to be delivered at your doorsteps. However, you are not really favoring yourself by doing this. If you make your own food, not just you will save money, but you can also select healthier ingredients, and also burn those calories! I know what you're thinking, "Maria, cooking is so tedious!" Don't react first until you tried those 5-step recipes from famous cooking Youtube channels. Give it a try! You might be surprised to find how good you are in the kitchen! I barely cook before I get married. Now, I make our meals almost everyday and even tried baking for the first time! It keeps me busy at home and feel fulfilled whenever I see the dinner I prepared!

Cooking as a hobby at home

2. Coloring. Sounds like for kids right? Who cares? A lot of us still are a kid at heart. This is not just fun but also one of the activities being suggested by psychiatrists and counselors to their clients to de-stress and stay focused. There are so many different designs for adults to choose from when you shop online. You can find superheroes and mythical characters, landscapes, and many more! This is also a good bonding for parents and their children.

Coloring as a hobby at home

3. Diamond painting. This one requires more focus than coloring. Here, you would have to follow a pattern and put the right color of beads on the right spot. You can buy a set from online stores like Amazon. A set already includes the pattern, glue, and beads. You will be amazed with the result and it can be a great wall deco in your living room! This can be something you can brag about to friends and families who will visit your home. Patterns from simple figures to paintings of Picasso are available.

Diamond Painting as a hobby at home
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4. Cross-stitching. Now, we are levelling up! Cross-stiching requires more focus and could be more time-consuming that the ones listed above. I have done a couple of it back in my highschool and elementary days. Simple to complex patterns are available and included in the kit which you can get either from your local hobby shop or online stores. I have some friends who have amazing life-size cross-stich works hanging on their walls made by their moms! Start with simple patterns such as animals and flowers. It is not just a fun hobby at home, but can also be a good conversation starter for you and your guests.

Cross-stitching as a hobby at home

5. Gardening. This one serves multiple benefits! It burns your calories, it beautifies your lawn, you are helping the nature, and a good bonding for you and your significant other, or even kids! You can choose to plant seeds or buy the flowering plants and trees that are available at your local market. You can also go for vegetable planting and harvest fresh produce! How fulfilling is it when you sit on your porch and enjoy looking at your beautiful garden, or make meals from your harvest, and decorate your house with fresh flowers!

Gardening as a hobby at home

8. DIYs. This is fad right now as it is so easy for everyone to find ideas and tutorials nowadays. You could make things from a simple decorative wall frames to redesigning your home! Wanna sew your own skirt or paint your white tennis shoes? No problem! Ask yourself what you want to build/create. It is just a couple of clicks away to find some good downloadable instructions or video tutorials! Many even turned this to a side income and even full-time business! Amazing right? Doing what you love and making something useful or even marketable out of it!

DIY as a hobby at home

7. Exercise. Been wanting to go to the gym but just can't leave home? I could totally relate, girlriend! Get that summer-body ready in the comfort of your own home. Start with easy workouts that don't even require equipments. You could watch some videos online or download workout apps for free! As you progress, you can continue with more intense routine once you can afford buying equipments.

Workout as a hobby at home

9. Learning new skills. Been wanting to learn how to play the guitar or invest in the stock market but doesn't have the skills and knowledge? Easy! The internet era gives us a lot of advantage to learn wherever and whenever you are! There are so many available guides and tutorials online both paid or not. You could even hire a coach and learn virtually. Go ahead and impress everyone with your newly developed skill! Who knows, maybe your next high-paying job or good income would come from this!

Learning as a hobby at home

10. Play Kinect. This is not just your regular video game where you just sit on the couch and click a few buttons. Kinect has motion sensing input devices that recognize your movements. The games require player/s to actually move. There's a variety of games to choose from that ranges from dancing, boxing, surfing, and etc. This is a very fun thing to do with family, and could be a form of exercise too!

Kinect as a hobby at home
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Now, I didn't just gave you suggestions and fun hobbies to do at home, but also Christmas and birthday gift ideas! I hope you enjoyed reading and don't forget to subscribe to be notified when I have new posts!

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