Big Mistake In Skincare: Young Face Yet Old Body Skin

Body Skincare

Body skincare is not just for your face!

Lustrous, wrinkle-free, and porcelaine face? A lot of women have achieved this and still look 10-20 years younger than their real age. Genes, healthy lifestyle, and skincare can do a lot of magic on your face. BUT --- are we taking care of our skin on the rest of our body the same way as we take care of our face? Unfortunately, a lot neglect this and don't realize the importance of it until it's too late.

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Skin anti-aging mistakes:

Have you seen a lot of people with really smooth and young-looking skin, yet as you looked down from their neck, shoulder, arms and even legs, you noticed that their skin age on these areas do not match their face? Someone who is in their 40s could have arms that look like someone in their 50s? A 10/10 face yet 5/10 body? But why??? What causes the skin to age fast?

  • Not moisturizing
  • Being exposed in the sun too often
  • Being under the sun without sunscreen
  • Unhealthy lifestyle

Oh yeah I know.... Loving yourself is important and what's in the inside is more significant than the outside. So if you don't want to do a regular skincare ritual and let those wrinkles appear, then so be it, sister! But if you are taking a lot of effort on having a young-looking face, why not extend it to the rest of your body? So if you are with me, here's my tea!

Body skincare tips:

1. Rehydrate. How many times did you hear this? Whether taking care of your skin or your internal organs, drinking at least 8 glasses of water is very important to your body. With the hot weather and all the activities we do, we continously sweat and our body liquid needs to be replenished. Coffee, beer and colored drinks do not count on this. Drinking water doesn't just rehydrate you but also flushes out the toxins from your body and gives you a better complexion.

2. Moisturize. Personally, I started moisturizing my face at the age of 16 and have been using body lotion since I was a kid. Now at 29, though I am not stunning like a beauty queen, I still get asked for an ID at bars and casinos 70% of the time. Make sure to read the labels of your soap, body wash and lotion. Look for the ones that help you to moisturize your skin. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid and dimethicone, which help keep skin hydrated. Glycerin, propylene glycol, proteins, and urea also help attract water to your skin. Lanolin, mineral oil, and petrolatum lock in moisture. These will make your skin soft, smooth and supple.

3. Having too much sun. Hello summer! Getting sun-kissed skin sounds great, but it's all fun until you get premature aging. UV radiation can damage your skin. UVA rays cause wrinkles, skin sun spots and other types of premature aging, while UVB rays can cause skin cancer and sunburns. Exposing under the sun is a good source of vitamin D, but too much of it can lead to skin problems. A good amount of sun is 10-30 minutes on midday, a few times a week. And of course, always wear sunscreen whenever you sunbathe!

4. Smoking and drinking. Ugh...stressful day at work definitely makes smoking and drinking so enticing. However, inspite of the good feeling these give you, tobacco increases your skin natural aging process by narrowing  blood vessels throughout your body, so oxygen and nutrients barely reach the outer layer of your skin. Alcohol on the other hand dehaydrates your body including the skin. Social drinking isn't bad but smoking is a big No No! So how do you fight your stress and loneliness? Use your tobacco and alcohol money to pay for gym membership, yoga class, go out and see friends or find a hobby that you are interested in that can make you feel fulfilled and achieved by the end of the day!

Lastly, consistency is the key! A lot of us would go on a skincare regimen for a few months then stop for a period of time, it's just not gonna work like that, girl! So there! Enjoy your youthful skin and be mistaken as your kid's older sister!


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23 thoughts on “Big Mistake In Skincare: Young Face Yet Old Body Skin

  1. I do love to sunbathe and living by the sea, I go to the beach very often. However, I take care that I always put plenty of sunscreen on. I like my skin tanned, not burned or damaged.

  2. I don’t overdo it with skincare products, I gotta admit. I don’t even have a daily routine. I’ve learned that the more I do, the less my body does on its own and it starts depending on those products to keep the skin nice. However, with age, I think only products will be able to help. And a healthy way of living.

  3. I was destined to read this blog. I take really good care of my face, but not the rest of my body. Thank you for your informative post — I’m going to try harder to remember to do a COMPLETE skincare routine that includes more than just my face!

  4. You are so right !! I need to cut back on the sunkissing me lol it is definitely true and I don’t want skin damage 💕 thank you for sharing.

    With love,

  5. Consistency is really my problem and I have to work on it. I tend to change products too and I don’t even find it good in the first place.

  6. I agree with these points, especially drinking lots of water – it’s my bestfriend! I live in a tropical island so I try to rehydrate as much as possible. I’m very consistent with my skincare rituals (I’m not vain but I don’t like getting wrinkles lmao) – believe it or not, I often get mistaken as someone in my 20’s even though I’m already in my 30’s. It really pays to invest in good skincare products.

  7. i truly agree that skincare is just one step to anti-aging. we should always take care of our skin by eating healthy foods and nourishing our body through good lifestyle.

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