Avoid The Mess! How To Tidy Up Your Home

how to tidy up your home

How to tidy up your home.

Are you one of those that has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)? Are you tired of seeing clutters around your home? Have you already cleaned your place but you still feel like it's messy? Well, I hear you, girl! Just like you, I hate a lot of clutter around my nest too!

A tidy home gives harmony and peaceful vibes. It relieves your stress from a tiring day at work and helps you relax. Here, I won't tell you to wash your dishes and do your laundry as those are pretty basic! Instead, I will share with you tips on how to organize your things at home. So let's go 'cause we have a lot of cleaning to do!

Cleaning Home

Tips to tidy up your home:

1. Make a schedule. List down the things you have to accomplish for the week. Use a calendar and schedule the task depending on your availability. Yes, you are probably already doing this, but let me share with you a secret: FOLLOW YOUR CALENDAR RELIGIOUSLY!

2. Have a habit. Some things do not need to be scheduled and can/should be done as you encounter it. Things such as making your bed right after waking up, or throwing that candy wrapper straight to the trash bin instead of leaving it first on the table, or putting shoes straight on the shoe rack right after removing it rather than having it left on the floor. Don't listen to your lazy spirit saying "Oh, leave this thing first and do it later." No sis, that whisper in your brain is a trap! Make a habit of fixing your bed right after getting up. When I was living alone, the only time I made my bed successfully is right after waking up. If I left it messy and took a shower first or brushed my teeth, trust me, I would fail to fix my bed for the rest of the day!

3. Push yourself. It is like working out, pushing yourself to go to the gym is the hardest part, but once you're there you'll be surprised that it isn't hard as what you thought it was. We always have a little voice behind our ears saying "Do it later." Don't listen to that little devil! Whenever you remember to do a task, do it right then and there if you are free. Because the more you contemplate on doing it, the more likely you will procrastinate. I was a victim of Mr. Procrastination too! Thanks to my husband for helping me fight this lifelong demon. Hesitating will lead you to the idea that you can do it later. No, the time is now! Trust me, you will thank yourself that you did it once you're done. That feeling of little accompllishments is so worth it!

4. Use racks and boxes to organize. Using jars, baskets and boxes are not just space-saving but also help to make things look neat. Group together the same kind of things (makeup, toiletries, towels, bobby pins, etc) and get a single basket for each. I use this to separate things and put these on my dresser, bathroom, and drawers. This method will not just avoid the mess but will also help you to find things easier!

Basket Organizer

5. Use hooks. Any pants or blazer that you only used for 2 hours and want to use them again (don't be shy, I do this too! Lol)? Instead of putting it on your bedroom couch or dresser, install hooks inside your closet or wall and hang them until you wanna use them again! This keeps random clothes out of sight that makes your lovely place look like a thrift shop! Don't have drills to install the hooks? Buy the ones that you can simply hang behind your closet doors, they are available at the dollar store for cheap and in different sizes!

6. Color code. Arrange things based in colors. Now this may not apply to everyone, but this is also a good thing to consider. You can do this to your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories! This technique will not just make your closet look like a rainbow but will also help you find things easier! You feel like wearing that green tee today? Simple! Check that green section and voila, there it is!

7. Arrange based on usage frequency. You don't have to put everything on the counter and within your eyesight! That food chopper and juicer you barely touch, keep them in the cabinet! That stilletto you only used on your best friend's wedding, keep it in a box! I personally make my daily clothes hanged more accesibly than my dresses that I barely use. The shoes I put behind the front door are the basic ones and my boots and sandals were kept in the closet. If you have a lot of shoes, get shoe racks to keep them or buy those stackable shoeboxes from Amazon so you can easily stack them and see what's inside.

Plastic Shoebox
Photo Credit: amazon.com

8. Have a theme. Homes with a theme looks much cleaner and coordinated than those without. I know what you're thinking! It is not expensive! It is just a matter of being consistent whenever you buy something. If you want your house to look more vibrant, get things in white and pastel colors with a touch or black. If your house has a country vibes, find wooden furnitures and darker decors. For an airy look, you can stay with light colors. There are a lot of books and Youtube videos that will further discuss this. But having a brown couch, pink flower vase, black coffee table and green bookshelf altogether already give me anxiety!

9. Does it spark joy? I know! You probably have heard this already from Marie Kondo! Eventhough this is so mainstream, this still holds a lot of truth! But in addition to that, I also want to add the question: Is it still useful? I was an impulsive buyer back when I was still single. I would buy clothes, shoes and random things just because they are on sale! (See, you are not alone!). But most will just end up being used 1-3 times and some weren't even used at all! I don't know what's with the lights and mirrors in the mall, but whenever I try them on, they all look good on me! But as soon as I fit them at home, I get disappointed! So have an annual major cleaning of your home specially your closet. Hold each thing, if that shirt doesn't spark joy, separate it! If the last time that pair of pants was worn was a year ago, separate it! My rule is, if a certain clothing or shoes was only worn 0-2 times a year, I just give them away! The little devil will whisper in your ear again saying: "Hold on to it, you can still use this dress on your friend's party." Trust me, you won't! You will end up buying a new one specially that it could be another year before that event happens and the fashion statement and your fashion peferences that time would be changed. Donate it, or hand it over to friends and families!

Bonus! We already talked about tidying up your home. But what about avoiding more future clutter? Whenever you want to buy something new whether it is a piece of clothing, utensils or colorful pen markers, ask yourself if you really need it. A lot of times we tend to buy things just because they are cute and on sale but will end up in the cabinet, or worse on your kitchen counter without being used! This will not just keep your place neat but will also save you a lot of cash! Okay, I talked a lot gain, time to clean my own castle before my husband comes home! (yeah 'cause I am a queen!)

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